Edelweiss Housing Finance Limited is now Nido Home Finance Limited

Benchmark Rates

Nido Home Finance Limited

Home Loan Reference Rate(HLRR)
With effect from 11th June 2023, the HLRR is 19.45%

Nido Home Finance Limited

Mortgage Reference Rate(MRR)
With effect from 11th June 2023, the MRR is 23.55%

Annual Percentage Rate (APR) Calculator


Annual Percentage Rate (APR) calculator is provided to compute annualised credit costs which includes interest rate and processing fees. The APR Calculator does not include charges like stamp duty, prepayment charges, CERSAI, Property appraisal charges, etc.

The Annual Percentage Rate Calculator provide only an indicative rate to facilitate the individuals / borrowers to know the overall cost of the loan on the date of availing the loan to take a considered decision. This Calculator tool is provided only for the user’s convenience and information purpose. Edelweiss or its officials shall be not be liable to the user or anybody else for any loss or damage caused/arising from the use of this Annual Percentage Rate calculator)